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TSJ-VS125 Hidden Camera Detector for Wireless Signals

The TSJ-VS125 wireless camera locator and video scanner covers frequency bands 1.2 GHz– 2.4 GHz– 5.8 GHz and can detect and display multiple hidden wireless cameras on multiple frequency bands, at up to 300 feet (depending upon output power of source transmitters). This is an excellent wiretap detection tool.

This hidden camera detector is the professional version of our TSJ-VS123 and can scan all three frequency bands simultaneously within 30 seconds, and identify if the signal is PAL / SECAM or NTSC.

The image being sent by the wireless camera is displayed on the 3.5″ LCD screen, and audio will play through the speaker if the transmitter is also sending audio.

Hidden Spy Camera Detector Features

The unit has 3 AV outputs, for recording video and audio of the 3 bands at the same time.

This is the most advanced hidden wireless camera hunter available– and is very simple to use.

Built in rechargeable battery operates approximately 40 min to 1 hour on a full charge with continuous use.

Comes with rugged carrying case. Order yours today and avoid being secretly filmed or recorded.

*This item is a custom build and may take up to 2 weeks lead time

*This item has a $25 shipping fee

For proactive blocking, please see our wireless jammer page and the GPS Tracking Detector to avoid location and movement monitoring. We also offer several other signal detector products.

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  1. Ruechan Irfan Oezalp

    The dial is easy to read, simple and casual to use. It was a very good buy.

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